Marriages Continued

RADER, George and Eugenia F. Miller July 03, 1877
RADER, W.H. and Frances A. Riley Sept. 08, 1879
RAMBO, Margaret and J.E. Duncan (date unknown)
RAMBO, W.H. and Hattie L. Kime (Mar. 11, 1896)
RAN, Ella and H.L. Valade (date unknown)
RANDELL, Cora Nellie and Mathias Hillard (date unknown)
RANN, Charles W. and Martha E. Harper (May 16, 1874)
RANN, C.W. and Elvyster {sic} George Dec. 30, 1890
RAY, Robert and Annie E. Walls Feb. 22, 1887
RAY, Thomas M. and R.W. Mack Mar. 22, 1894
REAMER, Alex and Mary Jarrell Nov. 08, 1891
REDFORD, Lydia I. and Edgar W. Dement (date unknown)
REED, Nellie B. and Elmer A. Shields (date unknown)
REEL, Amanda and J. Nat. Hudson (date unknown)
REEVES, F.J. and M.E. Gage (date unknown)
REEVES, Katie and Charles T. Griffin (date unknown)
REEVES, M.D. and Francelie J. Aldrich (May 03, 1870)
REEVES, Thornton and Minerva Carsner (Dec. 23, 1875)
REHBCRN {?}, M. and F. Hacheney (date unknown)
REID, George and Elizabeth V. Hulm (Nov. 17, 1870)
REID, Marilla and W.H. Clark (date unknown)
REITER, H.H(W). and Lulu Short Jan. 01, 1891
REITER, RAlph and Louisa Ivy (Oct. 11, 1895)
REMINGTON, Ira P. and Emma E. Livingston (May 20, 1896)
REQUA, Charles and Martha Brown (Sept. 18, 1884)
REYNOLDS, Mrs. Alice E. and Samuel Hough Jr. (date unknown)
REYNOLDS, C.E. and Mary Forrester July 02, 1877
REYNOLDS, Lizzie B. and James E. Frazier (date unknown)
REYNOLDS, Mary E. and Samuel Hough (date unknown)
REYNOLDS, Ruth and Wm. H. Peuland (date unknown)
REYNOLDS, Walter F. and Eva Johnson Dec. 20, 1881
REYNOLDS, W.L. and Ellen E. Johnson Dec. 25, 1881
REYNOLDS, W.W. and Alice Shults Dec. 14, 1887
Rice, Frank and Stella Allen (Oct. 10, 1900)
RICE, John T.(F). and Maggie Clark Jan. 29, 1889
RICE, K.M. and S.E. Dodson Dec. 16, 1865
RICE, Sophrona and John Woolsey (Wolsey) Aug. 27, 1878
RICHARDSON, Chas. L. and Margaret Butler May 15, 1895
RICKARD, George D. and Isabel Winnegar Sept. 15, 1888
RICKS, Catherine and E.T.M. Campbell (date unknown)
RICKS, W.H. and Hannah J. Sullinger June 16, 1880
RIGGINS, Ida and John Hawk (date unknown)
RIGGS, John J. and Melvina Forrester May 06, 1882
RIGGS, Mary M. and Wm. P. Claflin (date unknown)
RILEY, A.P. and Amanda M. Clark (June 05, 1869)
RILEY, Carl and Jessie Drewitt Dec. 29, 1884
RILEY, Frances A. and W. H. Rader (date unknown)
RILEY, George W. and Mrs. Amanda McIntyre Apr. 18, 1879
RINEHART, D.B. and Mrs. Esther Fisk Dec. 01, 1881
RINEHART, (RHINEHART) D.B. and Mrs. Annie Elliott Oct. 02, 1889

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