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Not only is Umatilla County rich in opportunities for success in a material way, but few counties in the great Northwest can boast of greater opportunities for wholesome recreation.

People who are alive and full of energy not only want to make money, but they wish to enjoy themselves. Mountain streams provide excellent fishing during the entire season when angling is good. One of the most popular retreats for fishing and camping is at Meacham, where there are numerous summer cabins privately owned and where many families go to spend the entire summer.

Chinese pheasants were introduced in this county several years ago. This is a remarkable game bird whose speed and guile demand the highest degree of skill to bag him. There are now thousands of these birds in this county, providing the sportsmen with splendid shooting during the season in autumn.

Then there are plenty of native pheasants, grouse and quail, and the hunting for wild ducks and geese compares favorably with any other locality in the Northwest.

For the more ambitious nimrods, who seek the bigger trophies of the hunt, there are plenty of deer and back in the mountain fastnesses bears roam to tempt men and dogs to come and get them. There are plenty of sportsmen in Umatilla County who accept this challenge and a lover of sports of this kind need have no fear that he will not find company to join him if he comes here.

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The United States government has provided several preserves for the protection and propagation of wild game in this county. A few years ago the sportsmen of this county organized what is now known as the Pendleton Rod and Gun Club, which now has a membership of more than two hundred. The principal object of this club is, the protection and propagation of the fish and game resources of the county. Through the efforts of the organization the state has established a fish hatchery at Bingham, Springs and during the past year one million small trout have been liberated in the rivers and streams of the county. Similar clubs have been organized and are now functioning in Helix, Athena, Pilot Rock, Hermiston and Echo. People also want places to go at vacation time and even a desirable spot for spending Sunday or a holiday is always a treat. Umatilla County has within her borders three hot springs. They are Bingham Springs, located only a few miles from Gibbon, a railroad station on the O.-W. R. & N.; Lehman Springs, near Pilot Rock, and Hidaway Springs, near Ukiah and Pilot Rock, all within easy driving distance of Pendleton. They are very popular during the summer months. All three of these summer resorts are located in the Blue Mountains, where hunting and fishing are excellent. Golfing is a for in of recreation that is rapidly gaining in popularity and, this community is fortunate in having a first-class golf course and club just outside the city limits of Pendleton. And for the automobilist there is the wonderful drive over the Oregon Trail to Cabbage Hill, Umatilla County's most picturesque viewpoint. From this hill, which is located only eight miles east of Pendleton, on a clear and calm, day one can view the surrounding country for 200 miles to the mountain peaks of the Cascades, and in the foreground there can be seen during the early summer standing wheat which, after harvesting, would total in the neighborhood of ten million bushels, not to mention the other products grown in this section. This wonder spot not only rivals Crown Point on the Upper Columbia River Highway for scenic beauty, but excels in that one can see more agricultural wealth than from any other point on a public highway in the Northwest.

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