Umatilla County, Oregon 1922


Commercial poultry raising is on the increase. All through in the grain belt good sized flocks of poultry are kept, but in the Milton-Freewater district and particularly in the west end of the county, commercial poultry raising is becoming more general. The section around Stanfield, Hermiston and Umatilla is particularly adapted to the commercial poultry industry. Opportunities for poultrymen are exceptionally good in this section.

Honey producing is one of the most profitable sidelines for alfalfa farmers.
Umatilla County is the leading beekeeping county in the state.


The large amount of alfalfa bloom, together with considerable sage and sweet clover and general climatic conditions make honey production very profitable in the alfalfa producing districts. The county ranks second in the state, with a total production of over 152,000 pounds. While there are few beekeepers who produce honey exclusively, there are a big number of farmers who keep a few stands of bees as a side line.

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