Umatilla County, Oregon 1922


Alfalfa farms, where good corn is produced and early spring prevails, makes ideal conditions for raising hogs, and the wheat stubble fields provide cheap fattening. Hermiston swine breeders won most of the prizes on Durocs offered at the State Fair, and raised and fattened the carload of hogs winning the grand championship at the Pacific International. Stanfield, Echo, Athena and Urnapine are also good hog raising sections.

As the Northwest produces less hogs than it consumes and exports, and the market price is usually higber than in the Middle West, the Umatilla County irrigated farms possess great future possibilities for swine production.

Dairy barns and silos are landmarks of permanent prosperity
Many well-bred dairy herds are found in the irrigated districts.


Dairying is carried on quite extensively at Stanfield, Hermiston, and Umapine. The county is establishing a fine reputation for good purebred Jerseys. The oldest Jersey Bull Association in the Northwest has been largely responsible for improving the quality of the herds. Creameries at Pendleton, Stanfield and Umapine, with good roads and railroad transportation, insure a profitable market for dairy products. If Coast dairymen can afford to pay $8.00 per ton freight and baling charges in addition to a fair price for the hay on the farm, Umatilla County dairymen, With the best of cheap feed, call certainly afford to continue in the business. In addition to the above named sections, some dairying is carried on in all parts of the county, many farmers keeping a few extra cows and shipping some cream. Pendleton, with a well equipped creamery and with railroads leading into it from all directions, receives cream from Ukiah, Pilot Rock, Athena and other points, as well as from the strictly dairy sections.

There are great possibilities for the development of the dairy industry in the county, not only in the irrigated districts, but also along tile tributaries of the Umatilla and on the mountain farms.

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