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Rogue River Camp No. 22 - Grants Pass, Oregon
Meets First Friday - Court House

Bauer, Thos.
Bearse, Jas. W.
Belcher, Bud
Berg, Lars
Bogue, Otto
Boyn, Albert E.
Breitmayer, Florenze
Brunell, Willis E.
Burkett, James C.

Cason, Ruby L.
Chambers, Daniel
Cotter, Thos. M.

Davidson, Alva G.
DeNike, Thos. E.

Ernst, Chas. H.
Everett, J.H.E.

Hart, Nat B.
Hatfield, J.W.
Heckler, Arthur A.
Helm, Richard I.
Howard, Louis D.
Hustleton, John F.

Kelley, W.G.L.
King, W.E.

Lawrence, L.M.
Leftwich, Alonzo
Loughridge, Ernest

Martindale, Wm. A.
Moore, Frederick E.

Osborne, Clarence E.

Pelletier, Elzear

Reid, Fred W.
Roberts, J.A.

Smith, Sam
Smythe, Will L.
Stapleford, Orson J.
St. Lurent, E.
Stone, Lewis A.
Sutherland, Henry
Switzer, Ora

Tucker, David M.

Whizonant, William D.
Wipperman, Louis W.

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