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June 1862 to 1863George Washington Hall
1863 to 1864W.R. Park
July 1864 to Oct. 1864Jonathan Lovell
Oct. 1864 to Jan. 1866John H. Ingraham
Jan. 1866 to July 1866Hiram Huffman
July 1866 to 1870J.W. Virtue
1870 to 1874James H. Shinn
1874 to 1876Jacob M. Boyd
1876 to 1880Robert C. George
1880 to 1884Wallace W. Travillion
1884 to 1886J. Thomas Dealy
1886 to 1890"Ike" S. Hinshaw
1890 to 1894Porter Alexander Conde
1894 to 1898W.H. Kilburn
1898 to 1902Alfred H. Huntington
1902 to 1906Harvey Kimbell Brown
1906 to 1915James Edward Rand
1915 to 1921R. Price Anderson
1921 to 1925George Addis Herbert
1925 to 1937Henry McKinney
1937 to 1949Fred Virgil Spence
1949 to April 1955Fred C. Thom
April 1955 to July 1956Lloyd R. Cook
July 1956 to 1957Lavaughn Dennis
1957 to 1977Delmar Dixon
1977 to Dec. 1980Ross D. Hunt
Dec. 1980 to presentTerry Wayne Speelman

*As of Publication Date of this Book - 1991.

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