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Vale, Malheur Co., Oregon - Sept. 05, 1889

Local Matters.

Johnnie Sturgill was in town this week.

Bob Goaling was in town this week.

Everybody's gone to the circus at Weiser.

The entire county assessment is $1,046,977.

Ben Richardson has returned from idaho.

Ed. Fraser is going back to the Ontario store.

There are 381 men in this county subject to poll tax.

Frank Glenn shot a 4-lb. carp in the river this week.

Dick Rutherford's hotel at Ontario opened last Sunday.

Frank Jones, brother of Billy, has gone to the Willamette valley.

Patents to W.E. Smith and W.W. Bailey have been recorded.

Bill Glenn says the firm of Glenn & Johnson has dissolved partnership.

Leonard Cole and Johnnie Windolph were down from the ranch this week.

Messrs. Danilson and Slover, with their wives, were up from Ontario last Sunday.

Ed. Hardy and Lou Bosenburg arrived late Tuesday night and went to Burns.

Percy Napton has an interesting dissertation on Cooking in sunday's Oregonian.

Croquet sets, $3.00 to $5.00 per set of 8 balls and mallets, complete, at Hope Bros'.

L.A. Sevey has bought Tom Logan's interest in the corral and Tom will punch cattle.

Doc Brown, down by the bridge, has a 3-weeks' old boy that he wants to swap on subscription.

In the settlement down by the bridge they have grown about 12 acres of field beans this year.

Taxes will be pretty near what they were last year; county 16 mills, school 5 and state about 7.

Geo. Whited, the lumber man, was in town this week; he will cut about 600,000 ft. this season.

Con Shea and Jim Mills were in town this week; they had been shipping cattle from Huntington.

J.A. Slover will soon take charge of the K., S. & D. store here; he has rented the McLaughlin house.

R.A. Lockett and wife have transferred a 1-24 interest in the Gellerman-Froman ditch to W.E. Smith.

W.H. Thorp, administrator of the estate of Nelson, was in town Tuesday; he is now in business in Caldwell.

Supt. Stacey has an excellent corps of teachers in his Sunday school. Mesdames Stevens, McDonald and Kelly.

Ike Holland, having returned from an interesting term of court at Baker [see Reveille], has gone to Caldwell to see his girl there.

Frank Vines and wife went to Ontario Sunday to doctor Buster, who was a very sick baby; he is all right now.

Charles Hyde, the Baker lawyer, was here this week and went up Willow creek with Sheriff Murray on legal business.

H.C. Courtney was in town this week, looking after his hired man, the alleged editor of our saffron-colored contemporary.

A.B. Macpherson, professor of pronunciation, came down to the institute from Malheur. The professor has his weather eye out for the democratic nomination for superintendent next year.

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