Marriages Continued

HAMILTON, S.E. and Allie Lavery (Savery) Mar. 19, 1882
HAMILTON, Sebastian E. and Sarah Sadden Oct. 09, 1890
HAMILTON, W.T. and Mary Ella Hinton (Oct. 28, 1896)
HAMMACK, John T. and Amber M. Cooley (Sept. 13, 1884)
HARER, Eva and Charles L. Williams (date unknown)
HANKINS, George and Nora E. Hopper Nov. 02, 1892
HANKINS, Pleasanton and Sara Ann Hopper Nov. 02, 1892
HANNA, Edgar and Lena White (Jan. 06, 1897)
HANSEN, Andries and Sine (Time) Jensen June 30, 1889
HANSON, Tod L. and Johanna Christenson (Sept. 05, 1905)
HANSON, Lonora and E.D. Officer (date unknown)
HAPTONSTALL, J.C.(S). and Virginia (Jennie) Lester June 02, 1883
HARDESTY, Grace M. and Frank F. Metschan (date unknown)
HARDESTY, Julia and Robert Neece (date unknown)
HARDIN, Lydia and George Aldrich (date unknown)
HARDING, Calvin E. and Lilly B. Sweek Sept. 05, 1888
HARDING, James Y. and A.B. Manwaring (Nov. 09, 1883)
HARDING, Sarah L. and B.F. Davis (date unknown)
HARDISTY, Grace M. and Frank F. Metschan (date unknown)
HARDISTY, Julia A. and Robert Nuce (Muse) (date unknown)
HARDISTY, L.B. and W.C. Blackwell (date unknown)
HARDISTY, Ruth A. and George E. Solinger (date unknown)
HARDMAN, Franklin L. and N.L. Craig Apr. 04, 1889
HARDMAN, Lilly Bell and O.S. Miller (date unknown)
HARDMAN, Mary Jane and Leo Hollenback (date unknown)
HARDMAN, S.D. and Jessie E. King (date unknown)
HARDY, Alma and J.B. Dixon (date unknown)
HARDY, Augusta and John Austin (date unknown)
HARDY, C.H. and Katherine T. Collins (Sept. 27, 1894)
HARDY, Emma S. and Wm. E. Worshaw (date unknown)
HARDY, Fanny E. and Theodore Jacobi (date unknown)
HARDY, O.A. and Catherine T. Collins Sept. 27, 1894
HARDY, Ruth and Enos A. Wiatt (date unknown)
HARDY, William T(S). and Amanda A. Fisk July 26, 1891
HARER, Stephen and Laura Junkins Mar. 01, 1885
HARKNESS, Geo. W. and Anna Page Dec. 12, 1886
HARPER, John H(W). Jr. and Elizabeth Dunlap Mar. 10, 1884
HARPER, Martha E. and Charles W. Rann (Oct. 06, 1898)
HARPER, M.R. and Ruah Luce (Apr. 30, 1900)
HARPER, Miles B. and Carrie Browning (date unknown)
HARPER, Nettie A. and Arthur I. Mosier (date unknown)
HARPER, Sterling Price and Mrs. Emma M. Wilkinson Nov. 20, 1889
HARRER, Eva and Chas. L. Williams (date unknown)
HARRIS, Orphia and James A. Craven (date unknown)
HARRISON, Catherine and Alfred Franklin Brisbois (date unknown)
HARRISON, Eliza A. and Eugene F. Gugle (date unknown)
HARRYMAN, Myra and C.E. Osborne (date unknown)
HARRYMAN, and Myrtle Elliott (Oct. 11, 1899)
HART, George and Hattie Woliver Nov. 07, 1884
HART, Wm. R (B) and C.A. Gaston Aug. 06, 1884
HARTLEY, Emma and Simon Bolenbaugh (date unknown)
HARTLEY, Fay and R.T. McHaley (date unknown)
HARTLEY, Wm. H. and Jennetty Patterson (Nov. 06, 1871)
HARTZELL, J.S. and Josie Breeding Oct. 19, 1886
HARTZELL, Silas R. and Laura L. Breeding (Jan. 27, 1887)
HASELTINE, Edith and M.D. Clifford (date unknown)
HASKELL, John C. and Maggie Welch (Aug. 14, 1899)
HASKINS, Lina and A.W. Shaw (date unknown)
HATFIELD, C.E. and Martha A. Foster (Aug. 29, 1898)
HATT, Geo. and Maggie Mosier Sept. 19, 1881
HATT, Grace and N.F. Herberger (date unknown)
HAWK, John and Ida Riggins (Feb. 17, 1896)
HAYDEN, Lillian C. and Thos. R. Smith (date unknown)
HAYDEN, Matilda and William Collins (date unknown)
HAYWOOD, Daisy C. and Joseph H. Laurance (date unknown)
HAYES, Harland and Della Snyder (Nov. 28, 1900)
HAZELTINE, Mabel and J.W. Biggs (date unknown)
HECKATHORN, George W. and Sarah Jane Page July 01, 1888
HEDGES, Ella T. and H.I. Hollenbeck (date unknown)
HEDGPETH, Margaret and J.P. Marks (date unknown)
HEISLER, Alexander and Martha A. Bowen Aug. 09, 1882
HELLEN, Theo J. and Estella May Burke (May 17, 1898)
HELMICK, Clara B. and L.H. Stowell (date unknown)
HELMICK, Dissie and Frank Aldrich (date unknown)
HELMS, W.A. and Etta Thomas (Oct. 13, 1898)
HELMS, Walter E. and Sue Barnes Feb. 12, 1893
HENDERSON, Carrie and Edward E. Turk (date unknown)
HENDERSON, W.I. and Carrie Bellinger (Aug. 27, 1868)
HENNSAKER, H.G. and Olive M. Allen July 20, 1891
HENNSAKER, Laura Mary and J.M. Gates (date unknown)
HENRICTRA, Henrietta and Francis M. Koonts (date unknown)
HERBERGER, B.C. and Anna C. Allyn (Dec. 30, 1899)
HERBERGER, Marjorie and B.C. Trowbridge (date unknown)
HERBERGER, N.F. and Grace Hatt (Apr. 12, 1900)
HERBURGER, J. Milne and Mary A. Stratton (Dec. 17, 1900)
HERBURGER, John and Marjeri Milnie Feb. 20, 1869
HERBURGER, Margaret and Theodore McLellan (date unknown)
HESS, Lewis and Mattie S. Chidsey Nov. 30, 1884
HESS, M. and L.B. Miller (Sept. 25, 1899)
HESS, Moses and Jennie Ross (Feb. 12, 1876)
HESS, Oliver and Mary Axe Jan. 08, 1895
HESS, Samuel and Pricilla Johnson Jan. 11, 1881
HEWETT, Effie and J.B. Zumwalt (date unknown)
HEWETT, Fred and Jessie Wainscott (May 21, 1900)
HEWETT, James H (W) and Amelia L. Hamilton June 21, 1894
HEWETT, Lettie and John Cowles (Crowles) (date unknown)
HIATT, Wm. M. and M.A. Robbins (Aug. 27, 1872)
HICKEY, Abraham and Sally B. Martin (Feb. 18, 1891)
HICKS, Evrett and Blanch Clark June 03, 1894
HICSTANE, Agnes and Blanch Clark (date unknown)
HIGHTOWER, Flora and D.W. Boyce (date unknown)
HIGBY (Higly), Mrs. Ada H. and V.A. Eastman (date unknown)
HILLAND, James and E.J. Tucker Mar. 15, 1880 (date unknown)
HILLARD, Mathias and Cora Nellie Randoll (June 19, 1896)
HILTON, Joseph H. and Carrie E. Luce Dec. 25, 1877
HILTON, Orlando and Malvina Kimberlind Apr. 20, 1880
HINES, R.A. and Mrs. Annie Sired Dec. 17, 1892
HINSCH, Albert and Ollie Marl (Mark) (Aug. 24, 1896)
HINSHAW, Mary E. and Wm. M. Goodwin (date unknown)
HINTON, Bettie and Daniel G. Slavene (date unknown)
HINTON, Emma M. and George F. Ward (date unknown)
HINTON, John J. and Catherine Hamilton (Aug. 13, 1873)
HINTON, Martha E. and Wm. R. Thompson (date unknown)
HINTON, Mary Ella and W.T. Hamilton (date unknown)
HINTON, Sylvester and Adda Bayless (June 23, 1896)
HINTON, W.B. and Vina I. Kinder (Oct. 30, 1899)
HOLCOMB, Nancy and Henry Jaquith (date unknown)
HOLCOMB, Polly A. and Jules LeBrett (date unknown)
HOLCOMBE, Sarah M. and James E. Cleaver (date unknown)
HOLLENBACK, Leo and Mary Jane Hardman Dec. 25, 1877
HOLLENBOCK, Horace I. and Ella T. Hodges June 14, 1877
HOLMES, James A. and Annie S. Mace (Apr. 14, 1874)
HOLMES, S.E. and Sarah Hall (Nov. 24, 1868)
HOOD, Elizabeth and L.C. Berry (date unknown)
HOPPER, Nora E. and George Hankins (date unknown)
HOPPER, Sara Ann and Pleasanton Hankins (date unknown)
HORTON, H.N. and Etta Stanelift Dec. 25, 1888
HOUGH, Annie B. and Charles E. Lounsbury (date unknown)
HOUGH, Hannah and F(T).M. Hudson (date unknown)
HOUGH, Samuel and Mary E. Reynolds Apr. 23, 1894
HOUGH, Samuel, Jr. and Mrs. Alice E. Reynolds (Apr. 23, 1894)
HOUGH, Viola and Dan Farry (date unknown)
HOUSEMAN, Cora and J.T. Mael (date unknown)
HOUSEMAN, J.I. and J.A. Crismon (date unknown)
HOUSER, Lola and Lewis Stineer (date unknown)
HOUSMAN, George N. and Jessie Curl July 04, 1877
HOWARD, C.S. and Laura Walker Apr. 25, 1894
HOWARD, M.C. and James W. Cochran (date unknown)
HOWARD, M.J. and H.R. Barr (date unknown)
HOWARD, Nancy E. and S.F. Branson (date unknown)
HOWARD, N.F. and Jasper M. Cochran (date unknown)
HOWARD, Nancy S. and William Young (date unknown)
HOWARD, Robert and Emiline Cavin Sept. 09, 1870
HOWARD, Thomas and M.O. Shinn (Apr. 17, 1865)
HOWE, Natier and Martha E. Cook Nov. 29, 1876
HOWELL, C. Jane and John L. Tureman (date unknown)
HOWELL, Lafayette and Rebekah Arnold May 16, 1877
HOWELL, Laura and A.L. Babcock (date unknown)
HOWELL, Louisa and W.A. King (date unknown)
HOWELL, T.J. and T. Eugenia Taylor Sept. 08, 1892
HOWSER, Elnora and John Bland (date unknown)
HOWSER, M.F. and Thos. J. Vickers (date unknown)
HOWSER, S.S. and C.C. Kilbourn (date unknown)
HUBBARD, Elizabeth A. and Rice R. McHaley (date unknown)
HUBBARD, Grace E. and F.J. Butz (date unknown)
HUBBARD, S.H. and E.A. Brackett (date unknown)
HUDSON, J. Nat. and Amanda Reel Nov. 08, 1887
HUDSON, F.W. and Hannah Hough Aug. 08, 1883
HUFFMAN, J.L. and Lillie A. Walls (mo. unable to read 01, 1899)
HUGHES, Alma and Philip Bonaparte (date unknown)
HUGHES, James A. and Sarah I. Magone - mo. unable to read 09, 1877
HUGHES, John and Mrs. Ella Welch - mo & dy un. to read 1892
HULM, Elizabeth V. and George Reid (date unknown)
HUNT, Archy and Annie Mote (Dec. 26, 1894)
HUNTER, Herbert and Mrs. Martha F. Taylor July 13, 1893
HUSKIE, Maggie and John Cardwell (date unknown)
HYDE, Henry A. and Louie Laurance Nov. 06, 1889
HYDE, Hiel A. and S.J. Barkley Feb. 07, 1887
HYDE, Lucy and Miles Thompson (date unknown)
HYDE, Maudie and T.F. Duntin (date unknown)
HYDE, Nellie and Samuel French (date unknown)
HYDE, Scott and Jennie Taylor (Nov. 11, 1886)

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