School Annual 1922

The Pine Cone

Charles C. Lame

In loving appreciation of his careful guidance in directing us these years he has been with us, we, the sutduents of Winchester High School, dedicate this, our first annual, to our most loyal Superintendent.

Graduate H.S. in Lewiston State Normal, 1910.

Graduate Lewiston Normal, 1912.

Half year in Agriculture and Education,
University of Idaho, 1914; also in 1916.

Summer quarter, Education and Vocational,
University of California, 1918.

Superintendent Winchester Schools, 1916-1922.

The Faculty

Winchester Public School has been very fortunate in their choice of faculty, during the last eight years. The principal aims of our faculty may be summed up in three short sentences, namely, harmony, welfare of the school, building character.

Harmony between the students and teachers of all rooms; welfare of the whole school, not one room; and building characters, one of the hardest propositions a teacher comes up against, but one which in our school has been pretty well overcome, as has been shown by the men and women who have graduated from this school.

At the present time our faculty is, starting with the primary room: Miss Clarissa Willis, who has done splendid work among the little folks. Miss Willis has been with us three years. In addition to her duties as a teacher she is our school pianist and leader of our orchestra.

Next is Miss Thelma Hubbard who was our basketball coach as well as teacher of the third and fourth grades. Miss Hubbard is teaching her pupils the art of painting and they have made some very good sketches.

Then we have Miss Pearl Walsh who teaches the fifth and sixth grades, also she is Home Economics teacher. We, of the high school, appreciate Miss Walsh very much as she has been so willing to help in putting over our proms and other social affairs.

In the seventh and eighth grade room is Mrs. Edna Eckersley, who has been with us eight years, teaching in nearly every room except high school from the primary up. The pupils of Winchester School owe more to Mrs. Eckersley along educational lines than they can ever hope to repay. Mrs. Eckersley is also the owner of Bob, the school mascot.

Last is the high school with with Mr. Lame as superintendent and Mr. Egbert as principal. Mr. Lame has been with us eight years also, and has done a good deal for the school in spite of opposition. The H.S. students will miss him keenly next year.

Mr. Egbert joined our faculty last fall. He excels in English and History, which classes he teaches along with seventh and eighth grade history. Mr. Egbert has been a great help to us in putting out our annual and we are extremely grateful to him.

Our faculty has been changed but very little in the last eight years and we as students sincerely hope that we might welcome them all back next year.

Annual Staff

Clara Nichols - Editor in Chief
Audrey Roseborough - Literary Editor
Cora Hartman - Calendar Editor
Algertha Thomas - Athletic Editor
Ray Thatcher - Athletic Editor
Blanche Hartman - Art Editor
Dorothy Kaline - Dramatic Editor
Lester Loch - Joke Editor
Shirley Hartman - Business Manager