Photo One:

Carl Andrew [Charlie] Stenzel and Anna Helena Stenzel, married in June 1902.

Photo Two:

Children of the Stenzels: Walter Carl Stenzel born 1903; Martha Manda, born 1905; Ludwig Frederick [Lou] born 1907; Otto Herman [Eddie] born 1909.

Photo Three:

Otto Herman [Eddie] Stenzel graduation picture, about 1928.

Anna Stenzel died in 1912. Her children Walter [12], Martha [9 or 10] Lou was 8 and Otto [Eddie] was just 3. Martha was sent to live with her aunt Bertha Stenzil Gamble. Lou and Walter remained with their father and otto [Eddie] went to Slicapoo Indian Mission for Orphans near Lewiston, he came back home when he was 9 or 10 and helped Martha who was then about 13, run the house for their father and brothers. As a consequence, he never learned to do anything "manly" ..... farm, hunt, fish or tend animals like his brothers. Instead, he could cook and keep house and was a very gooed student at the one room school in Greer. He graduated from Orofino High School around 1928 and continued his education at a business school in Lewiston and worked part time at Erbs hardware. In 1937 he took the Civil Service Exam and was hired by then brand new Social Secuity Administration who's main headquarters were in Baltimore. He met his future wife there on a blid date and they were married 6 weeks later.

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