The Idaho Weekly Statesman

Saturday Sept. 11, 1875

List of Letters

Remaining in the Postoffice at Boise City,
Ada County, Idaho, Sept. 06, 1875.

Boon, Jos
Benham, Jos
Brusha, J.
Deboe, Arch
Donelson, J.
Farquhar, F.S. - 2
Garton, Geo. - 2
Hall, A.S.
Hall, Abe
Hartley, Lorenso - 3
Hauntley, J.B.
Iseli, Fritz
Johonson, Mrs. E.
Linder, Henry
Lousberry, Chas - 2
Leamed, Jno
Maunsell, Tom
Mays, Jno WN
Maybee, S.
Maynard E.
Moore, Eugene
McRoberts, Mrs. S. - 2
Overley, C.E. & W
Plaford, Henry R.
Porter, Mrs. J.
Regan, Danl.
Sibley, Annie
Steen, Lewis
Stewart, Mrs. Eliza
Stanley, J.A.
Stanley, C.H.
Starkweather, Heman - 3
Starkweather, Miss Rosetta
Smith, S.M.
Tammany, Frank
Truesdell, Miss Oliva A.
Tietsort, Henry
Westrophe, Austin
Wood, Bunyan
Wilson, Almira
Wilson, Frank

To obtain the letters the applicant must ask for advertised letters. If not called for within 30 days they will be sent to the Dead Letter office.

John A. Post, P.M.

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