Darlene Mohlsick, Children and Grandchildren

Darlene Mohlsick and her 5 children (and their families). Taken July 26, 2003 (just over 5 months before Darlene passed away)

Back Row L to R: Kyle Brown (Toniís son), Abby Baker (Joelís daughter), Joel Baker, Sheila Baker (Joelís wife) Michael Baker (Toniís son), Shenae Duby (Sheilaís daughter), Adam Mohlsick, Paul Mohlsick.

Middle Row: Levi Davis (Toniís husband), holding Andrew Davis (Leviís son), Brandi Baker (Toniís daughter), Toni Davis, holding Nyomi Mohlsick (Paulís daughter), Darlene, Crystal Hopper (Adamís fiancee), holding McKenzi Mohlsick (Adamís daughter), Rosa Fernandez (Paulís fiancee).

Front Row: Carla Baker with two of her ďdaughters,Ē D.O.G. and Patches

Missing: Meghan Hollopeter (Joel's oldest daughter)

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