General Merchandise: H.H. Hyde, George Dollina, N.S. Babcock, J.F. Cleaver, J.W. Galbraith, John Laurance, and George Shearer.

Blacksmiths: D.B. Fisk, William McCord, J. Adams, William Shaw, N.W. Norton, William Johnson.

Livery Stable: Clark & Adylotte, A. Crispal, Jules LeBret, Fred Blinn.

Carpenters and Wagon Makers: J.H. Barnes, George Dollina, William Donaldson, N. Hubbard, Miller Brothers.

Saloons: E.W. Webster, Paul Fiaman, V.A. Hartley, later Hartley & Banzette.

Saddle & Harness: O. Campbell, Walter Reynolds.

Boot and Shoemaker: J.H. Watson.

Books & Stationary: John D. Daly.

Wells Fargo & Company: J.W. Galbraith.

Sawmills: Perine & Hobson (1865), William Jeffard, Tucker & Kelland.

Meat Market and Butcher Shops: Marshall Howell, Sam Hough, William Brodie.

Brewery: Paul Fiaman.

Hotels and Boarding House: William Davis, Seven up Clark, J. Bates, Mrs. Charles Cooley, T.D. Flynn.

Justice of the Peace: J.W. Mack, R.C. Reid.

Constable: W.H. Johnson.

Barbers: George Hatt, A.L. Babcock.

Doctors: J.F. Rhinearson, Dr. Thibodeau, Dr. Dodgson, Dr. V.C. Belknap.

Postmasters: Jules LeBret, J.W. Mack, Mary Chidsay.

Flour Mill: J. Laurance, Morehead & Cleaver, Cam Reese, Orville Trester.

Ditch Builders: Starr & Webster, Flageolette & Company, Kroppe & Company.

Tinshop: E.J. Baldwin.

Stage Drivers: Jules LeBret, Louise Woldenberg, Henry Perkins, Guy Durham.

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