Marriages Published in the
Oregon Spectator
1846 - 1848Bancroft's Works - Pg. 38 & 39; Pub. 1888

As a guide to descent in the pioneer families I here affix a list of the marriages published in the Spectator from the beginning of 1846 to the close of 1848. Though these could not have been all, it may be presumed that people of social standing would desire to publish this momentous event;


Feb. 25, Samuel Campbell to Miss Chellessa Chrisman
March 29, Henry Sewell to Miss Mary Ann Jones Gerish
April 2, Stephen Staats to Miss Cordelia Forrest
April 12, Silas Haight to Mrs. Rebecca Ann Spalding
May 4, Pierre Bonnin to Miss Louise Rondeau
May 10, Isaac Staats to Miss Orlena Maria Williams
May 10, Henry Marlin to Miss Emily Hipes
June 4, David Hill to Mrs. Lucinda Wilson
June 14, J.W. Nesmith to Miss Caroline Goff
June 17, Alanson Hinman to Miss Martha Elizabeth Jones Gerish
June 28, Robert Newell to Miss Rebecca Newman
July 2, Mitchel Whitlock to Miss Malvina Engle
July 4, William C. Dement to Miss Olivia Johnson
[not date] J.B. Jackson to Miss Sarah Parker
July 25, John G. Campbell to Miss Rothilda E. Buck
July 26, Joseph Watt to Miss Sarah Craft
Aug. 2, Sidney Smith to Miss Miranda Bayley
Aug. 16, Jehu Davis to Miss Margarette Jane Moreland
Sept. 1, H.H. Hyde to Miss Henrietta Holman
Oct. 26, Henry Buxton to Miss Rosannah Woolly
Nov. 19, William P. Dougherty to Miss Mary Jane Chambers
Nov. 24, John P. Brooks to Miss Mary Ann Thomas


Jan. 21, W.H. Rees to Miss Amanda M.F. Hall
Jan. 25, Francis Topair to Miss Angelique Tontaine

Feb. 9, Peter H. Hatch to Miss S.C. Locey [Mrs. Charlotte Sophia Hatch, who came to Oregon with her husband by sea in 1843, died June 30, 1846]

April 18, Absalom F. Hedges to Miss Elizabeth Jane Barlow
April 21, Joseph B. Rogers to Miss Letitia Flett
[no date] Henry Knowland to Mrs. Sarah Knowland
April 22, N.K. Sitton to Miss Priscilla A. Rogers
June 15, Jeremiah Rowland to Mrs. Mary Ann Sappington
July 8, John Minto to Miss Martha Ann Morrison

Aug. 12, T.P. Powers to Mrs. Mary M. Newton - this was the Mrs. Newton whose husband was murdered by an Indian in the Umpqua Valley in 1846.

Oct. 14, W.J. Herren to Miss Eveline Hall
Oct. 24, D.H. Good to Miss Mary E. Dunbar
Oct. 29, Owen M. Mills to Miss Priscilla Blair
Dec. 28, Charles Putnam to Miss Rozelle Applegate


Jan. 5, Caleb Rodgers to Miss Mary Jane Courtney
Jan. 20, M.M. McCarver to Mrs. Julia Ann Buckalew
Jan. 27, George M. Baker to Miss Nancy Duncan
Jan. 30, George Sigler to Miss Lovina Dunlap
Feb. 19, R.V. Short to Miss Mary Geer
March 18, Moses K. Kellogg to Mrs. Elizabeth Sturges

April 16, John Jewett to Mrs. Harriet Kimball - Mrs. Kimball was the widow of one of the victims of the Waiilatpu massacre.

May 4, John R. Jackson to Mrs. Matilda N. Coonse
May 22, John H. Bosworth to Miss Susan B. Looney
June 28, Andrew Smith to Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Palmer
July 2, Edward N. White to Miss Catherine Jane Burkhart
July 28, William Meek to Miss Mary Luelling
Dec. 10, C. Davis to Miss Sarah Ann Johnson
Dec. 26, William Logan to Miss Issa Chrisman

The absence of any marriage notice for the 4 months from the last of July to the 10th of December may be accounted for by the rush of the unmarried men to the gold-mines about this time.

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