Lake county, organized October 23, 1874, took its name from the number of lakes occupying a considerable portion of its surface. It formerly embraced Klamath county, and its first county seat was at Linkville. But by a vote of the people, authorized by the legislature, the county seat was removed to Lakeview, on the border of Goose Lake, in 1876, previous to the setting-off of Klamath county. It contains 6,768 square miles, less than 44,000 acres being improved. Its farms and buildings are valued at $451,000, the assessed valuation of real and personal property being about $700,000, and the total gross valuation over $1,039,000. This valuation is for the county of Lake before its division, there being nothing later to refer to. The population is less than 3,000 for the two counties of Lake and Klamath. The settlements are Drew Valley, Antler, Hot Springs, Chewaucan, White Hill, Sumner, and Silver Lake.

Among the settlers of this comparatively new county are Thomas O. Blair, born in Ohio, who emigrated in 1859 by ox-team. Before starting he married Lovisa Anderson. They reside on Crooked Creek, near Lakeview. Charles A. Rehart, born in Perry co., Ohio, came to Oregon overland in 1865. He follows farming and sheep-raising in the Chewaucan Valley. He married Martha Ann Brooks in Dec. 1876.

Michael Sult, born in Marion co. Ohio, emigrated overland to Oregon in 1859, in company with his sister, Mary Cruzan. He farms and raises stock at Summer Lake. He married, in 1880, Laura Bell Conrad.

George Clayton Duncan, who was born in Ill. in 1827, emigrated to Oregon in 1854, and resides at Paisley, in Lake co. He married Eliza Rinehart in 1848. They have 3 sons and 3 daughters.

Thomas J. Brattain, born in Ill. in 1829, came to Oregon in 1850, overland, and resides at Paisley. He married Permetin J. Gillespie in 1859. They have 3 sons and 1 daughter. There came with them to Oregon John, Alfred, William C., Francis M., and James C. Brattain, brothers; and Elizabeth Ebbert, Mary Brattain, Millie A. Smith, and Martha J. Hadley, sisters.

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