Oregon Address by J.W. Nesmith 1875
Oregon Pioneer Association

Upon our arrival, we found in the country the following persons, exclusive of missionaries, and who might be included in the general term of settlers. They had found their way here from different points, some crossing the Rocky mountains from the Eastern States, some of them sailors who had abandoned the sea, while others were trappers who had exchanged the uncertainties of nomadic life for farming; others had found their way from California.

Armstrong, Pleasant
Burns, Hugh
Brown, -
Black, J.M.
Baldro, -
Balis, James
Bailey, Dr.
Brainard, -
Crawford, Medorem
Carter, David
Campbell, Samuel
Campbell, Jack
Craig, Wm.
Cook, Amos
Cook, Aaron
Conner, -
Cannon, William
Davy, Allen
Doty, William
Eakin, Richard
Eebbetts, Squire
Edwards,s John
Foster, Philip
Force, John
Force, James
Fletcher, Francis
Gay, George
Gale, Joseph
Girtman, -
Hathawy, Felix
Hatch, Peter H.
Hubbard, Thomas
Hewitt, Adam
Horegon, Jeremiah
Holman, Joseph
H [?] ll, David
Hoxhurst, Weberly
Hutchinson, -
Johnson, William
King, -
Kelsey, -
Lewis, Reuben
LeBreton, G.W.
Larrison, Jack
Meek, Joseph L.
Mathieu, F.X.
McClure, John
Moss, S.W.
Moore, Robert
McFadden, -
McCarty, William
McKay, Charles
McKay, Thomas
Morrison, -
Mack, J.W.
Newbanks, -
Newell, Robert
O'Neil, James A.
Pettygrove, F.W.
Pomeroy, Dwight
Pomeroy, Walter
Perry, -
Rimmick, -
Russell, Osborn
Robb, J.R.
Shortess, Robert
Smith, Sidney
Smith, -
Smith, Andrew
Smith, Andrew, Jr.
Smith, Darling
Spence, -
Sailor, Jack
Turnham, Joel
Turner, -
Taylor, Hiram
Tibbetts, Calvin
Trask, -
Walker, C.M.
Warner, Jack
Wilson, A.E.
Winslow, David
Wilkins, Caleb
Wood, Henry
Williams, B.

On the arrival of immigration in the fall of 1843, we found in the country the following named persons, as Protestant missionaries, or connected with the missions:

Dr. Marcus Whitman
A.F. Waller
David Leslie
Hamilton Campbell
George Abernethy
Wm. H. Willson
L.H. Judson
W.H. Gray
E. Walker
E. Eells
Alanson Beers
Jason Lee
Gustavus Hines
- Perkins
Dr. Babcock
Dr. Elijah White
Harvey Clark
W.H. Spaulding
J.L. Parrish
H.W. Raymond